Train Up a Child


I am reluctant to post about ‘Training Up A Child’ for a couple of reasons…

1- There are tons of people out there already doing it

2- I don’t want anyone feeling like I ‘Know it all’ or ‘Have it all figured out’
because, I don’t! I’m on the same journey as every other parent out there…we are learning as we go along and meeting the unique challenges of our individual children.

But, I also recognize that in Titus 2:4 the older women are commanded to teach the younger women how to ‘love their children.’ I also recognize that sharing what we all have learned is a way of ‘teaching the younger women’ who may be facing a similar trail, ‘we’ have been through.

I also recognize that there is nothing new under the sun,(Ecc 1:9) so, if I write something that is helpful to your situation, and the laws/rules/methods/tactics we used, can be of help to you, then just count it joy that you are reminded that you are not alone, and you have a mother who has walked through that suffering like you, and has an ounce of instruction/experience/wisdom/teaching to help you through it on ‘your’ journey, and is showing you the love of Jesus, in sharing it with you, so your journey, may be less burdensome.

If you cannot relate to a post, because you either do not have a child who has struggled with a particular issue addressed, or you believe it is not possible for your child to ever do such a thing, I would encourage you to read any counsel with humility, because there is a roaring lion out there seeking whom he may devour, corrupting the culture your children and their peers are growing up in. No degree of isolation from ‘the world‘ can prevent exposure to the darkness in this world. By the time you realize you need the counsel you thought you did not need, you may be overwhelmed with the struggle to save your child from their struggle, acquaintances, circumstances or choices.
Be Ready!

Before you judge others who may have a wayward child/youth/teen/young adult/adult child…please remember…God in his perfection at parenting, had rebellious children when He only had two young adult children, in a perfect garden, with perfect bodies, and perfect health with only one rule to follow.
Adam & Eve, who walked and talked to God himself…,
sinned and rebelled against their father…with no peers, or ‘parents’ to blame it on.
You’re a sinner, and so are your children, so let’s help each other in this fallen world!

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