The Keepers at Home Organizer


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Keepers at Home Organizer
in a 3 ring vinyl binder
(8 1/2 X 11″)



This organizer was born out of my own necessity and personal need for organization.
It was my desire to put most of the facets of Homemaking together in one place.
It comes in an 8 1/2 x 11 vinyl three ring binder. It is easily transferred to your own Leather zip up. It comes in Antique Ivory. Encouraging scriptures and artwork are throughout to inspire the Keeper of the home in her daily service to her family.

1 – A Monthly & Weekly Calendar

Specialized to the need of the Mother at home. It can be started at any time of any year. There is an area in each Month’s Calendar for the following:

  • Grocery lists
  • Errands Lists
  • Letters to write
  • Home projects to tackle monthly
  • Topics to research at the library
  • Things to do list for each week
  • Personal Health goals
  • Blank Note pages for each month
  • Weekly personal and business calls list
  • Prayer lists
  • Weekend plans
  • Email to send
  • Monthly read aloud goals
  • Special memories to give to the family each month
  • Child training goals for each month and so much more

2 – A School Planner

This is for those who also home-school their children (easily removed if not applicable).

It includes the following:

  • a yearly calendar roster
  • annual unit study planner
  • books needed list
  • Sample Student Weekly Assignment sheets
  • Help for planning Annual Musician, Poet and Plutarch Studies
  • Convention shopping lists
  • and daily lesson sheets for you to copy as needed.

This is for the teacher at home. There is room enough for notes on 10 subjects. Seven days of the week are on this Lesson Planner for those who may teach occasionally while traveling on weekends.

3 – A Home Maintenance Organizer

It includes the following:

  • Seasonal yard maintenance Charts
  • Weekly , monthly, quarterly and annual Home Chore charts with suggestions on how to better manage the maintenance of your home.
  • “Pile – Up List’s” — This is a place you can list those things that never seem to get done. When you have the time. J Check it off the list.
  • Husband and Wife Honey-Do Lists
  • It also includes an area to keep all those
    bright ideas for each season.

(This is where you can put down those clever ideas you would like to do with your family during special times of the year that we tend to forget when those special times roll around.)

4 – A Meal Planning Organizer

It includes the following:

  • A One month Menu Planning Grid
  • Weekly Meal Plan Charts
  • A Master Grocery List
  • As well as a Bulk Cooking Day Organizer

Suggestions are included to help make meal planning more enjoyable and efficient.

5 – A Hospitality Organizer

It includes the following:

  • “Holiday planners
  • Company coming planners”
  • Small and large group events planners
  • Baby and Bridal shower organizers
  • Shower shopping lists

6 – A Personal Journal

It includes the following:

  • A personal goals page
  • A hospitality goals page
  • Ongoing Wish Lists for family members
  • As well as an area to record your personal reflections each month throughout the year.

7 – Bible Reading Plan

It includes the following:

  • A brief description of each book of the Bible written by a Pastor to encourage you to want to delve further into the study of God’s Word.
  • Also included is a chart to record your reading onto throughout the year for each book of the Bible.

( This information is also included in our “Annual Bible Study / Note Taking Journal” designed for Youths who take notes during sermons. See our product Listing page.)

8 – Medical Journal

It includes the following:

  • Forms to maintain all the “health” facts about ourselves and our spouses
  • Forms to maintain all the health facts about our children (up to 10)
  • Also there are Special
    Notations sheets to write all those things you would like to add
    to your children’s baby book or special keepsake.

9- Frequently called numbers, Email Sites, and Web Addresses

  • This is a place to keep all those numbers we need
    when we are away from home.
  • Also includes several blank note pages.

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