HomeSchool Survival

Strawberry Picking Memories
Strawberry Picking Memories

Mom Needs Help!

Picking Strawberries and making memories with our children gives us special moments to treasure…but, it also gives us more to do in a day.  🙂 Take it from this 21 year homeschool veteran…there is a cost to trying to do it all! As homeschoolers, we have been programed to solve it all, plan it all, teach it all, buy it all, organize it all, make moments special for all, and just plain ‘do it all!!’ Motherhood indeed has many hats! homeschooling adds so many more things for the mom to juggle. There will be times that you are sure you ‘can‘ do it all, but, not long after, a crash ‘will’ come, and you will be wondering why you ever thought you were capable of teaching your children the Three R’s, much less parenting them!

Most of us have this other role called…being a wife. That relationship needs nurturing too, so, something has got to be left over. Not to mention, keeping the house in order, clothes clean, and accessible..and, making memories :), plus, shop for clothes for your ever growing brood, feed them all, and keep up with any outside commitments. You need help! and don’t think that you and your children can do it all together because there are so many of them…’you’ need help. 🙂

We’ll go over these more in detail, but for now…Here is a quick list:

1- Get someone in for housecleaning.

2- Get a Mommy’s Helper in once a month/week. A nanny/granny for an hour a day to keep the little ones away while teaching your challenged learner, or just catching up.
A homeschool teen that needs a little extra money, that can come and play with other children for a few hours a couple of times per week, may be just what the doctor ordered. You cannot always lean on your older children. They will become bitter to you, and/or your challenged learner if you are not careful.

Can mom do it all…No… We need help.

Let’s not forget the story of Moses, Aaron and Miriam during that Great battle the Israelites had. They would lose each time Moses let his hands down. He needed Aaron and Miriam to hold his arms up. YOU need someone to help you hold your arms up…they’re very full, and have a lot to do, so, let me tell you, from one mom to another… ‘it is ok. to get some help.’


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