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Hello, I’m Michele! Welcome to Help For Mothers.

A ‘short’ history about me:

I have been married for 28 years to my highschool sweetheart, Chris. When I was 18 I was told I would likely never be able to have any children. I pursued my dream of becoming a nurse, and worked as a high risk OB Nurse until three years into our marriage, our first miracle was born!! We were parents! I hoped that birthing one child was evidence enough that I was actually going to get to be like everyone else…planning a family, and getting pregnant according to ‘my plan’…
God had other plans, which I look forward to sharing on this blog.

Now, We have six children, three of which are our biological children, who grew ‘under’ my heart, and came into our family, in the usual fashion, though riddled with medical complications, and our other three are our adopted children, who grew ‘in’ my heart, with much longer labors pains, with unique obstacles experienced through adoption. 🙂

Our oldest daughter is now 25 years old. When she was only three, we heard the word, ‘Homeschool’ for the first time in our lives and thought it sounded like something people only did way back when there were no public schools. We soon attended our first homeschool conference and heard some now well known names in the homeschool world, and we left there confident that homeschooling was the path we were going to take for our children’s education. Our homeschool journey began when she was a preschooler, at the age of 4. (we thought we should test it out, before Kindergarten, just in case our public school teacher grandparents needed proof that we knew what we were doing) 😉

By the time our second child entered our life, through adoption, I was already aware that I had a huge need for some Titus 2 women to teach me how to do all that was facing a Keeper of The Home, but I soon discovered, few were willing or prepared. Out of my own necessity, I created “The Keepers At Home Organizer’ and soon thereafter,
a home based business was born!

Thirteen years of infertility, two miscarriages, and two more adoptions later, we looked like a very diverse family, with all colors of faces mingled in. We felt like we had a full house, and a full load with three of our four children presenting with developmental dealys as each week went by. I thought I was just tired from OT/PT and Speech Therapy sessions keeping me running all over town, while keeping up with homeschooling my crowd…but, instead, I learned my bareness had come to an end, after several medical complications, at the age of 35, our 5th child came into our lives!

We felt so VERY blessed!! but, VERY busy!! Five years later, after a diagnosis of a rare blood disorder, that apparently contributed to my infertility, the treatment thereof found me pregnant, in my highest risk pregnancy, at the age of 40, with my 6th miracle child, now 7 years old.

We have graduated two children from our homeschool, and have three more homeschooling, and one in a special education school. We have seen our first two enter the college and career world. We have seen one suffer through Domestic Violence, then persecution for leaving her abuser. And labored with our second child’s struggle of a recent brain injury, fighting for her, amidst medical trial upon medical trial in the midst of my own struggle with Multiple Sclerosis and a Heart condition.

Sometimes I wondered if our family could carry one more ounce of struggle on our backs, knowing the journey is not yet finished, but, our Great Creator, has carried us though all the trials, and provided wise counsel, and a very present help in his own timing. He has never left us, or forsaken us, and we rejoice with the Family that God made for us. I am thankful for those he has put in my path, to help along the way, and I look forward to sharing hope and help with many other people through this blog!

Though one may be overpowered by another,
two can withstand him.
And a threefold cord
is not quickly broken
Ecclesiastes 4:12


Our Family

5469“Know ye that the Lord he is God:
it is he that hath made us,
and not we ourselves;
we are his people,
and the sheep of his pasture.”
Psalm 100:3

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